Position: Entry Level

Job type: Full-Time

Salary: SGD 2800 - SGD 4500 / month

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Science Studios provides science classes and online resources. We believe that students should enjoy learning. As such, we design each lesson so that students are engaged and have fun learning! If you are creative, passionate, and want a positive work environment, this is the right place for you!

We are looking for energetic and vibrant individuals with the following qualities:

+ Has a keen interest in Science and believes in making learning fun!

+ Passionate about enriching children’s lives

+ Enjoys interesting hands-on experiments

+ Relevant field of studies (Faculty of Science)

+ Able to work on weekends

Job Responsibilties

  • Teaching and marking. Monitor students’ progress and help them to achieve better grades.
  • Prepare apparatus for experiments. This includes purchasing and maintaining inventory.
  • Create interactive online lessons for Science Studios Online. This includes educational videos, quizzes and Science Kits.
  • Communicate with parents and potential customers regarding SS programmes, fees, replacement classes, etc.
  • Brainstorm and chart the growth of Science Studios together with us. We value your insights and thoughts on how best we can grow the enterprise. We want to make learning fun and effective for as many children as possible, and inculcate in them a joy of learning!
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Deadline: 06-10-2023

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