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Software Engineer

Date:18 Aug 2023

Location: Singapore, SG

Company:ST Engineering Group

The Computer Generated Forces within a simulation typically provides artificial friendly, neutral or hostile ‘bots’ within a simulation. These bots contribute to a realistic virtual environment, in which a pilot can train in. We are looking for someone to join us as a Software Engineer, to co-build solutions together with our Computer Generated Forces (CGF) team members. These solutions will contribute to our state-of-the-art Air Simulator project’s delivery to our end users.

What this role entails:

  • Modelling of behaviours of various ’bots’ for use in a simulator (Eg, cargo ships, army tanks, fighter jets, passenger planes, etc).
  • Working with the 3D modelling team to incorporate and control their 3D models for the bots that will be built
  • Working with the 3D terrain modelling team to incorporate their 3D terrain into the simulator ‘world’ for the bots to operate in
  • Reading up widely on the various land, air, and sea vehicles available, including their various capabilities, and engaging in discussions with end-users to simulate realistic ‘bot’ behaviours for use in a simulator
  • Adopting the various software development tools and software frameworks that the company project team uses
  • Generating engineering documentation within the team, to document the various requirements, design, and test areas to be developed
  • As required, working with partners to develop and incorporation of AI, Deep Learning in for bot simulations.

What this role will require:

  • Diploma/Degree in Engineering, Game Design/Development, or any related course of study; prior relevant experience is required for a Senior Software Engineer role.
  • Entry level candidates can apply.
  • A willingness to learn and develop software in C++, and learning good programming practices and techniques over time, to ensure efficient performance in a 60-fps simulation/game environment.
  • While company-sponsored training courses and guidance will be provided, independent learning and being a team player is required, to fit into the team’s culture
  • Being comfortable to engage and communicate with end users, customers will be a plus
  • A good knowledge or practical experience in C++ will be a plus
  • Singaporeans only

Visit https://www.stengg.com/en/defence/training-and-simulation/modelling-simulation-training-systems/ for an illustration on what we do…

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Deadline: 09-10-2023

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