Job type: Fresh graduate

Salary: $2,500 - $2,600 a month

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Roles & Responsibilities

Role Description:

We are seeking for a Sales admin executive who is able to learn quickly and start generating results immediately. The ideal candidate for this position will be an expert on all of the models that we sell, will deliver high quality customer service and become a consultant to each customer on finding the vehicle that aligns perfectly with their needs. The sale admin executive will be involves in planning, developing and organising advertising policies and campaigns to support sales objectives and meet company’s requirements.

Specific Responsibilities:

1. Trainee will be able to contact clients with interest in procuring automobiles to offer them sales deals. Trainee will be able to maintain a list of new/existing customers and occasionally communicate with them to discuss business opportunities

2. Trainee will be able to identify current product pricings, competing products and new techniques of merchandising

3. Trainee will be able to utilize the digital marketplace to reach out to new and former customers

4. Trainee will be able to help perform any other administrative and marketing duties as per assigned by Management.

5. Trainee should be able to handle basic daily office administrative tasks, such as filing, delivering mail, answering emails and phone calls, and data entry.

6. Trainee will be able to demonstration of features and benefits of vehicles. He/she will be able to understand on all the features of the cars and able to do a comparison


1. Strong communication skills

2. Research and constantly staying up to date on the car market

3. Marketing skills

4. Team player with good communication and interpersonal skills

5. Excellent verbal and written communication skills

6. Demostrating and clear explanation skills

4. Duration of Traineeships: 6 months

5. Approved Training Allowance: Fresh Graduates - $2,500, Non-mature Mid-career Individuals - $2,500, Mature Mid-Career Individuals - $2,600

6. Education Qualifications Required for the Traineeship Role Under SGUnited Traineeship:

This position is open for both recent graduates and mid-career individuals (mature and non-mature). Graduates interested in this position should possess a Degree and above Qualification. Mid-career individuals from any qualification level can apply.

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Deadline: 06-10-2023

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