Quality Assurance & Quality Control Engineer


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Update day: 26-09-2023

Location: Singapore

Category: Civil / Construction


Job type: Permanent

Salary: $2,500 - $3,500 a month

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Job Responsibilities:

  • Implement the QA/QC management system.
  • Coordinate with quality inspections with all the site sub-contractors
  • vend coordinate all non-destructive testing on site.
  • Coordinate with the customers representative on all quality matters
  • Coordinate all receipt inspections
  • Distribute relevant QA/QC documentation to site subcontractor
  • Verify that the quality related site activities are in accordance with the applicable codes and standards
  • Participate in the site internal and external site audits
  • Coordinate all the quality site inspections through the site QC inspectors
  • Ensure all quality control documentation is competed and competed for as-built
  • Hand over through the QC turnover engineer
  • Control all non-conformance reports and undertake remedial action
  • Compete site quality control instructions and action remedial response
  • Review the customers specification and undertake relevant training to the site QC inspector
  • Monitor the implementation of the approved site QC Plan
  • Complete and coordinate the approval of the sites QC technical submittals to the customer
  • Coordinate with the site construction manager on all quality issues
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Deadline: 10-11-2023

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